Over 80% of Acapulco's Hotels Were Damaged by Hurricane Otis

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28 October 2023 11:58pm

Hurricane Otis made landfall on the shores of Mexico, specifically near Acapulco in Guerrero, causing a catastrophic impact that ranks as one of the most intense meteorological events within Mexican territory.

Guerrero Governor Evelyn Salgado Pineda reported that eight out of every ten hotels operating in the port of Acapulco were affected by the arrival of Hurricane Otis, as per the report from the AHETA hotel association.

The consequences of its passage have been widely shared on social media, offering a vivid portrayal of the situation through images depicting the destruction of homes, buildings, businesses, and streets. Among the content circulating on social networks, the most attention-grabbing has been related to the damage to the furnishings and structures of various Acapulco hotels.



Among the most severely impacted hotels, the Princess Acapulco stands out with significant structural damage. The Hotel Copacabana also suffered reported damages, with guests noting electrical failures and the detachment of walls and windows.

The Hotel Kristal joins the list of the hardest-hit establishments as water began to flood the premises, leading to inundations in several common areas, such as the courtyard and gardens.

Additionally, problems were reported at the Hotel Hotsson due to flooding, electrical issues, and the falling of wall and ceiling fragments.



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