Chicago to Host IPW 2025 Following a Successful Event in Los Angeles

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06 May 2024 3:16am
IPW 2024

“The International Pow Wow (IPW) by the U.S. Travel Association is not just a trade show; it’s a pivotal event that redefines global travel interactions and sets the economic agenda for international tourism to the United States”, Brand USA’s new CEO, Fred Dixon, said Sunday. 

With the prompt announcement that Chicago will be hosting next year’s edition, from June 14-18, Dixon dedicated a heartfelt goodbye to his predecessor, Chris Thompson, who will be retiring at the end of IPW 2024 in Los Angeles.

IPW 2024 has gathered thousands of U.S. travel exhibitors, international buyers, and media from over 60 countries, making it the leading inbound travel trade show. The event has been packed with opportunities for participants to showcase products, engage in negotiations, and set the scene for future travel ventures.

Historically, IPW has been a powerhouse in generating economic prospects, with past events contributing more than $5.5 billion in future travel to the U.S. These figures not only highlight the event’s capability to boost tourism but also secure America’s status as a top global destination. The 2024 event in Los Angeles is expected to follow this trend, further enhancing its economic imprint.

What’s more, IPW 2024 has showcased an array of U.S. travel products and destinations. Exhibitors include a variety of service providers, from major hotel chains and attractions to boutique locales offering unique local experiences. 

Attendees are viewing comprehensive schedules filled with workshops, seminars, and networking events designed to foster business relationships and knowledge exchange.

IPW has provided an unparalleled platform for attendees to engage directly with industry leaders and influencers. The setup is ideal for renewing old connections and cultivating new ones, with plenty of opportunities for informal interactions and scheduled meetings. 

The focus on face-to-face interactions is a cornerstone of IPW, facilitating trust and partnership agreements that might take much longer to solidify through other communication forms.

As IPW returns to Chicago in 2025, it’s set to continue its legacy of uniting and invigorating the global travel industry. Participants leaving IPW will not only carry forward contracts and business prospects but also cherished memories of Los Angeles’ dynamic allure. 

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