Traveling to Buenos Aires? Try these Five Restaurants

22 July 2016 11:07pm
Traveling to Buenos Aires? Try these Five Restaurants

Buenos Aires is the capital and largest city in Argentina, known for its beautiful people, its extraordinary architecture, its reputation as one of the great financial centers of the world … and steak.

It’s a carnivore’s dream and more, as Buenos Aires is also a mecca of other culinary tastes and treasures.

By the time you’re done with this article on five great restaurants you must try, your mouth will be watering and you’ll be ready to get on an Aerolineas Argentinas flight. You’ve been warned.

I Latina: Sit back, unbuckle the belt and relax because at this very popular restaurant, created by Colombian siblings Santiago, Camilo and Laura Macías, you’ll enjoy seven, count ‘em, seven courses. With each bite you’ll travel the Latin American world, exploring culinary tastes from all different regions. For example, you’ll feast on Peruvian chupe, a type of stew, with unorthodox grilled octopus and feed your sweet tooth with an Ecuadorian cacao truffle with sea salt and olive oil. You will also delight in a sweet potato sorbet with creamy goat cheese, candied lemon peels, crispy sesame tuile and hibiscus merengue. In addition to other courses, you’ll finish off your meal with a ceremonial coffee.

Steaks by Luis: Buenos Aires is known for being the steak capital of the world and Steaks by Luis brings it all right to your table. Don’t feel slighted that you didn’t have seven courses like I Latina, because you’ll still feel more than satiated with your five-course Argentine beef dinner that includes salad, grilled starters (also called achuras that include sausage and blood pudding), the steak of course, and dessert. In a loft setting, Steaks by Luis even provides an evening host so you can learn about your food as well.

Rosa Negra. Rosa negra has been around for almost a quarter of a century, serving such unique and tasty dishes from Chef Hiroyuki Oba as sheets of octopus with toasted sesame mayonnaise of saffron and spicy creole sauce, grilled bluefin tuna salad, and beef carpaccio with Parmesan Vinaigrette with balsamic vinegar, olive, capers and dried fruits.

L'Orangerie. Located in the beautifully decorated Alvear Palace Hotel, this is a must taste on your vacation in Buenos Aires. A complete breakfast buffet is offered, but you’ll want to sink your sweet tooth into a variety of patisserie, warm scones, fresh fruit tarts and other confectionery delights that are prepared on site for the guests. Enjoy the tradition of afternoon tea with the restaurant’s tea specialist, choosing from green, black and blended teas, as well as the traditional flavored tea of the L’Orangerie selection.

Crizia. You’ll find typical Argentinian dishes, as well as Peruvian meals such as grilled meats, Patagonian lamb and South Atlantic Ocean fish. While you sit in the dining room, hopefully near the fireplace, you’ll relax with ambient music and enjoy a little wine and spirits while you peek into the kitchen and watch the chef’s perform their culinary skills. While you’re waiting for your meal, think local first and look on the walls as the works from local painters decorate the restaurant. Don’t leave without trying the decadent desserts including the milk and honey shortbread with brittle and ice cream or the creme brulee, made with vanilla and cardamom, alongside pears soaked in late harvest syrup and mascarpone.

Source: Travel Pulse

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